Monday, January 20, 2014

What Do You Delight In?

Greetings MPBC bloggers. 

     Psalm 1:2 says "But his delight is in the Law of the Lord...".  This concept of Delighting in something is pretty profound  and it is where I'd like to park my hat for a few minutes.

     What are things we would readily claim that bring us true delight?  Can you name 3 things?  I think of things that bring me joy and happiness, yet finding something that brings delight is more challenging.  In my mind, the concept of delight entails a level of active pursuit of that item.  When I find such pleasure in something I will naturally pursue it. 

     OK, so I know there is a difference in happiness and delight.  One is an emotion and the other is a joyful pursuit. When was the last time I had a joyful pursuit of a set of rules and guidelines?  I look at the Lawmakers in Washington DC and the laws they generate and in large part I feel pretty annoyed.  That is mainly because I know the hearts of the lawmakers who represent us are more interested in their own gain than in the well being of their constituents.

     The thing for which I am so thankful is that God designed laws that are made for our well being.  He had US in mind when He made those rules.  Following His rules brings true freedom and real joy.  Why would I not want to actively pursue those rules if they make my life better? 

     Actively pursue...Delight in...Let us all pause to evaluate if our lives honestly reflect a DELIGHT for His Law.

God bless !

Keith Anderson

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