Monday, February 3, 2014

The Message in the Music Touches Lives

In my blog post this week, I want to build upon a very important part of the last blog post.  Brad shared that music has the power to “soothe the soul”.   We know that Saul’s soul was soothed by the music from David’s lyre.   I bet, if you think about it, there is not a one of us that can’t remember a time when a song was sung or played at just the right time with just the right words to soothe the ache within our soul.  Through God’s divine intervention that song was played and sung just for you.   It may have been in your car and you heard it on the radio or a song sung during a church service.  For example, on one occasion when the MPBC praise team was singing and I had just recently lost my aunt and uncle.  The song “I Will Rise” was one of the worship team songs that week.  As the music began to play and I really listened to the words, God’s peace flooded my troubled heart and comforted me.  Those words were meant to “soothe my soul”.  I can think of many stories I’ve been told about how a song was sung to comfort a dying person or to ease the pain someone is suffering.  Songs about forgiveness remind us of the need to heal broken relationships.  Songs about love remind us that when we feel unloved, Jesus is always there to love us.  His love never fails.  When we feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders, he reminds us in a song that He will always carry us.  Christian songs contain messages and promises from our Savior.   Those in need of comfort can find comfort and be reminded of God’s promises by hearing these songs.  

     I think as worship leaders it is easy for us to forget that God is using us in that way.  We get caught up in worrying about microphones, volume, and technicality when God has something so much more powerful to do through the song and the team.   Sometimes on a Sunday as I am singing and leading in worship, I look out over the congregation and God speaks to me in a way that reminds me that this song and these words were meant for someone in His presence.  I often pray for our pastors when they choose the songs for our Sunday services.   Through God’s leadership, I believe that each song has the power to change a life on Sunday mornings.  Praise team members I challenge you, as well as myself, to put the nerves and worries away, focus on how God wants to use our worship set on Sundays to soothe the souls of His children.  It is a great honor that God has given us as singers and musicians to bring these songs to the people.  I think it is a privilege we should take very seriously.   When was the last time you prayed before a Sunday morning and asked God to use the music to touch a soul, change a life?  I believe that is what God has called us to do.  We are the instrument He is using to reach people.   Let’s work together to keep our focus on what God is doing through us.  I’m thankful to be part of such a wonderful team of believers.  Thanks be to our God that He saw fit to bring us all together for this purpose.  See you Sunday……ready for worship and praise!


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