Monday, May 12, 2014

Who Leads When I'm Out?

The very 1st post on this blog was about these guys:

This is the worship team at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.  The picture is a little bit old, so we've actually added a few new members, lost a couple of older members, but the vast majority of the team is still intact.  In fact, we have grown to the point of having 2 rotating teams.  I say this because I leave Friday to go on vacation.  Now, during the first couple of years I was at MPBC, I would worry every time I was gone.  Who is going to fill in for me?  Who is going to lead while I'm away?  Can they handle it?

Well, I don't worry about any of that anymore.  These guys have it covered.  They have gotten accustomed to leading worship as a team.  And that includes the times I am gone.  When we first started out, I led every song for every service.  Not anymore.  Now they lead.  I still lead a song or 2 each service, but they lead the majority of them.  So, now they are used to leading.  And even better than that, they excel at it.  And when I am gone, I know they've got it covered.  In all honesty, now when I'm gone, I worry more about if anyone actually misses me?

Just kidding:)  I say all of that to say this, I am very blessed to work with and serve with the worship team at MPBC.  There aren't very many worship pastors who can take a Sunday off and the music and worship never misses a beat.  Well, I can, and it's because of the wonderful musicians and worship leaders we have on our team!

Worship Big!



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