Monday, July 14, 2014

A Life Celebrated

I come to you today celebrating the life of my grandmother, Reba Minton.  Better known to me as "Nana".  Her life on this earth came to an end on Thursday, July 10th.  She was 70 years old and had been battling cancer since 2005.  She had lung cancer twice and brain cancer between 2005-2008; all of which God wiped away for her while on the earth.  I'm not here to tell you about why her body failed her, but rather share her testimony and celebrate her life.

In 2005 when she had her heart attack and was diagnosed with cancer, I remember what that felt like to me.  Even though she was my grandmother, she at most times was more like a mother to me.  She helped raise and care for me when I was younger and she is a huge reason for who I am today.  After her initial cancer diagnosis and heart attack, she was given about 1-3 years to live, tops.  The doctors told her that there was just no way she could live past 2008 with her condition.  After she was given that time, I remember her telling the Lord that whether he gave her 6 months or 16 years, she would praise Him and speak His name with not only her mouth, but her life.  I must say, she kept her word.

She loved to sing.  Before the cancer and treatments began to effect her lungs, she had a beautiful voice and used it often.  Instead of praying out loud, I remember that she would always sing a song to Him that related to the words she wanted to say to Him.  She loved to communicate through song.  After the cancer effected her, I watched that voice get weaker and slowly begin to fade.  To her, that was no reason to lose heart.  She still kept her word to the Lord.  She got used to living with oxygen and having to limit herself, but she was still happy.  Not just on the outside for everyone to see, but you could tell her heart was filled with joy, whether she had the breath to tell you or not.

On Thanksgiving, 2013, her health really started to go down hill.  She was put in Boone hospital with symptoms of not being able to breathe and her blood gas level being really high.  While in Boone, we were told that she was going to die before she could go home, but the Doctors wanted to send her to Winston, where she was put on life support.  After a week of this, the Doctors in Winston strongly suggested that we take her off and let her pass, because there was no hope.  Instead, God breathed life into her lungs once again and she took a breathe on her own, going home a few days after.  I saw the hand of God move in her life once again.

This happened again about 2 weeks ago, but this time, God had a different plan for her.  She had done what she was put here to do.  She went into the hospital again, not being able to breathe and was put on life support.  My Grandpa believed that she would be healed, and she was. Perfectly.  Even though her body failed her, God did not.  He took her home on July 10th.  Even though it was very difficult to see, I learned a few things through it.  At the end of her life, her breath to sing had been taken, her energy had been taken, her ability to go to church had been taken, but her breath itself had not been.  She was still able to breathe and with that, she spoke the name of God up until the final breath she took on the earth.

I am confident that now, her energy has been restored, her body has been restored, her strength has been restored, but most precious to her, her ability to sing has been restored, and I know that's what she is doing.  Even though it was one of the most difficult things I've witnessed so far in life,  I saw the hand of God in her life so many times and am thankful for it.  I wouldn't have it any other way.



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