Monday, October 6, 2014

Being vs. Doing

It is an honest struggle in the world of worship leading to want to "Do Worship" instead of "Being a Worshiper."  I know this is a struggle that I often face.

God doesn't just want us to lead worship on Sunday or Wednesday. He wants us to BE worshipers. That is why He created us.

God desires our hearts and He wants us to live a life that worships Him every day, not just when we walk up on the stage or when we are in the spotlight. The most perfectly performed song is NO replacement for the barren heart.

We must always think about our goal as a worship leader. Are we building God's kingdom or our kingdom? Do we want the attention for God or for ourselves? Are we worried about our outward appearances or inward ones?

Jesus was pretty hard on those who were trying to impress people but whose hearts were empty.

In Matthew 23:5-8 He said, "Their (Pharisees) lives are perpetual fashion shows, embroidered prayer shawls one day and flowery prayers the next. They love to sit at the head table at church dinners , basking in the most prominent positions, preening in the radiance of public flattery, receiving honorary degrees, and getting called 'Doctor' or 'Reverend.' Don't let people put you on a pedestal like that." (MSG)

Those are really hard words for anyone who is more concerned about appearances than the heart. 

BEING a worshiper starts when we are alone. That time which we spend loving and serving God when no one is watching is what prepares us for the "leading worship" times.

Having a spirit of love and unity is crucial in order to bring others into the time of worship along with us. God can't use an unclean heart to lead others in worship or anything else.

Being a worshiper starts long before we lead worship in the church setting. It is much more that doing worship. It is BEING a servant, a worshiper of the Living God, 24/7.

Here is a question that I ask myself sometimes, "If my thoughts were being shown on the screen during the worship set instead of the song lyrics, would I be okay with that?" Geez! I hope so! That idea is scary for sure. At least it is for me. God sees what is in our hearts. He knows what is there. He is who we need to impress.

In John 4:23 Jesus says, "Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks."

Let's "BE" and not just" DO!"



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