Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let Go...Relax

Today I want to talk about letting go and just relaxing.  It's so easy to forget about that...at least for me it is.  I often get so caught up in what I'm doing in worship, such as guitar parts, patches, sounds, everyone else, etc., that I often just forget to worship.  It's not that I don't want to or don't intend do, there is just so much else going on that it's easy to forget about worshiping.  With that said, I have found it awfully hard to lead people in worship when you aren't even doing it yourself.  

This past Sunday, our worship set and scheduling called for me to play acoustic guitar.  If you go to MPBC, you know that isn't something that happens much.  I look forward to it because it's almost like I get to take a breath and chill out a little more.  No effects pedal to worry about, no complicated lead riffs, no worrying about specific sounds, no chord inversions to think about and well, everything else that comes with playing lead electric guitar.  I also like acoustic guitar because it's so much easier for me to hear and feel the next chord when I'm not playing inversions past the 12th fret, so I'm not having to just stare at the fret board.  I can just close my eyes if I want or look out into the congregation.  

While playing during our worship set last Sunday I realized something that had almost became an unfamiliar feeling...I was relaxed.  No looking back and forth between a pedal board and a fret board or making sure my tap-delay was in sync; I was just relaxed.  I have to say, being relaxed in the presence of God is the most peaceful feeling I could ever imagine.  It made me realize that I myself needed to be in worship before I can expect to lead other people in worship. More importantly, it reminded me how rejuvenating it is to be in His presence.  I was able to focus on Him and nothing else. 

"My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places"  Isaiah 32:18

So, did I have a massive, life-changing experience on stage? Was I inspired to do something great and go after something I've never thought of before?  Nope.  I just relaxed and rested in the Lord.  

This week, I'll go back over to the electric guitar spot, power on the effects pedal and get in the chord inversion and lead riff mind set again.  But, I'll have a different approach. Before, I subconsciously thought that I needed to sacrifice my worship time to focus on being a more effective guitar player and in turn lead others in worship.  However, I remembered last week that I first must step in to His presence before I can give it to other people.  

So, let go...relax...



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