Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A 10 Year Review

Every year on VBS Sunday, the stage gets overtaken by VBS props, and the Praise Team/Band gets replaced by a bunch of acoustic guitars and a djembe.  Well, this year I decided to do something different.  This year it was me (on acoustic guitar) and a few singers from the Praise Team and we did a 10 year review.  In September, I will have been here at MPBC for 10 years and in that time we have done a lot of songs.  And so, I went through 10 years of songs and put together a medley of 12 “retired” songs that encompass my time here at Mt. Pleasant.  We did some old hymns and some old praise songs that everyone knows, plus some old praise songs that are very specific to Mt. Pleasant.  Do you know what the best part was?  It was fun!  I really enjoyed going through all of those old songs.  Just sitting in my office playing songs on my guitar that we haven’t done in years (in some cases close to 10 years) was a very nostalgic experience.  And even after all of these years, they still fit.  They still touch the heart and move the soul.  And I hope they still touch your heart as well.  The video is below.  Enjoy!

Worship Big!


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