Thursday, July 6, 2017

Jesus Never Fails

In last week's blog post I shared how I was disappointed in the way that the conference I was attending was utilizing choirs.  There's nothing wrong with a choir who performs.  I was just hoping they would also show how a choir can be used for corporate worship time.  One choir I saw did sing "Revelation Song".  Unfortunately, it was in latin.  That was kind of how the week went when it came to choirs.  But, even with that disappointment, there were still some good things at the conference.  And one of those things was Cana's Voice.

Cana's Voice is a trio consisting of Jody McBrayer (Avalon), TaRanda Greene (The Greenes and Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir), and Doug Anderson (Signature Sound).  They were outstanding!  And the best song they did (at least in my opinion) was "Jesus Never Fails".  I'll be honest.  I am biased towards that song.  It was the first song I sang in church after I started taking voice lessons during my senior year of high school.  My voice teacher taught it to me and another young lady he was working with.  So, it does mean a lot to me.  

But even beyond my bias it is an unbelievable song.  It was a #1 song for the group Truth back in the 80's but is still relevant even today.  It simply states that no matter what you are going through and no matter what is happening in the world, there is one person who will never fail-Jesus!

Here's a video of Cana's Voice singing "Jesus Never Fails". Make sure you watch at least until the 2:34 mark. That's when it gets really good😉

Worship Big!


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