Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pulling Out All the Stops

Easter has come and gone again this year and I hope that you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday wherever you attend church.  We certainly did at MPBC.  We had the largest crowd that we've ever had for a Sunday service or any other event.  And because it was Easter, I planned a little bit extra.  We pulled out all the stops.  We did some of the church's favorite songs.  We did some of our biggest and best songs.  We used Environmental Projection (where we project videos on the entire front wall).  We used dry ice.  We had Jesus come out of the tomb as One Hope (quartet) sang "Arise, My Love".  We did anything and everything I could think of.  And people really seemed to like it.  I truly believe people worshiped and experienced the presence of God.

But afterwards, I started thinking to myself, "Shouldn't every Sunday be like Easter?"  Is there a reason that I plan bigger and better for Easter Sunday than I do any other Sunday of the year?  I know that it's our one shot to reach some of the people who will attend because they only come on Easter and Christmas.  But is that right?  Shouldn't I treat every Sunday like Easter?  Jesus is worthy of our praise and He is worthy of our best.  And so, I'm going to do my best to be more creative in my worship planning, because every Sunday should look and feel like Easter.  The tomb is empty every Sunday! 

But I don't believe this just applies to me and my planning.  This concept applies to every worshiper.  Jesus is ALIVE!  That isn't something that we should just celebrate one Sunday a year.  This is something we should celebrate every time we join together with other believers to worship.  So, as we continue throughout the year, moving from one Sunday to the next, don't let your enthusiasm for what Jesus has done and who He is, waver.  Remember:



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