Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Favorite Part of the Week

Every week, there is one part of the week that I look forward to more than any other time.  Now, considering that I work at a church and serve as the Worship Pastor, most people would assume that it would be Sunday mornings.  But, they would be wrong.  While I enjoy having the church family gathered together singing and praising God, it is not my favorite time of the week.  My favorite time of each week occurs between 8:30-10 p.m. on Wednesday nights.  That is when we have Praise Team/Band Rehearsal.

When we get together for rehearsal, there isn't the pressure of getting everything perfect like you feel on Sunday mornings.  We make mistakes.  We don't always stay on our little orange "X's" that show where we need to stand so we can be lit correctly.  Sometimes we play or sing the wrong notes.  We laugh a lot and don't always accomplish as much as we should.  But we do work on new songs and songs for the upcoming services.  And hopefully, we have a good time doing it.

But more importantly for me, I get to spend time with my friends praising and worshiping God in an environment where we can truly be ourselves.  No facades, just brothers and sisters in Christ getting to fellowship together through music.  It's hard to explain, but there is just something special about that time.  And while I know that not everyone gets to serve on the worship team at their church, I do hope that everyone can be involved with a small group at their church that fills this need that we all have.  The need to connect with others.  And maybe that's why Wednesday night from 8:30-10 p.m. is my favorite part of the week.  Because I get to do the thing I enjoy the most (music) with some of the people (outside of my family) that I am closest to in life.  

Worship Big!


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