Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's Next for Recording? Part 1

   Over the next couple of weeks, I'd like to talk about what's next for our recording ministry.  As mentioned in previous posts, we had our last album to release in December 2014. I was happy with the overall results,  although, the whole process was a huge learning experience for us and there were definitely some great takeaways.  Now, when listening to the album and going back and looking at the tracks, I can spot things I would have done differently in recording and mixing that I will be incorporating in our next project.  To be honest, I'd be worried if I didn't find things I would do differently.  

    One thing I love about MPBC is that I feel we are always progressing with the goal of reaching people in mind.  The same is true for recording this year.  As far as changes go, to mention only a few, we will be using a new recording software this year called "Reaper" instead of "Cubase 5" like last year.  Since we won't be recording vocals for Alicia Keys, I feel that Reaper will be plenty for us. :) No unnecessary thrills, just good, easy to learn and use software. 

    Next will be the way we record drums.  (Hey Martin!!)  For our previous project, we used what's called "v-drums".  For the player, v-drums are set up similarly to a real drum kit, but do not generate any sounds by themselves.  When each piece is hit with a drum stick, it triggers a sound to try and mimic that of a real kit. We were able to use software to beef up the sound a bit. However, this year, we will be using the real drum set. This will provide a more natural band sound and the dynamics will be MUCH better this way. Nothing beats the sound of a real kit. 

    Another thing we want to be able to utilize is the ability to record multiple instruments at a time.  For the next project, we will be able to record a full drum kit, bass guitar and whatever lead instrument for the song (i.e. acoustic guitar or piano).  This will provide a much tighter groove and should be a huge time saver. 

    Now, with these changes, what are the plans?  First things first are new album ideas.  After running over different thoughts, we really like the idea of including new songs that the Praise Team has learned within the past few months, including a few songs that are older but our congregation really enjoys and maybe even writing a few songs ourselves.  Song writing is something that we have tried before, but would like to re-vamp in the future.   

    That's it for part 1.  We have more on the horizon for our recording.  Check out the blog next week to see what's up next!



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