Thursday, February 19, 2015

What's Next for Recording? Part 2

    Last week, I talked about a few things we have in store for recording.  To re-cap a bit, we will be using a new software with the ability to record multiple instruments at a time and using the real drum kit to name a few.  This week, we will talk about a few more ideas in the works for the new recording year.

    First off, we'll be incorporating what's called "multi-tracks".  As Brad explained a few weeks ago, multi-tracks are a lot like split tracks, but you could say they're a little more sophisticated.  Basically, they will allow us to use more layers of sounds (pads, synthesizers, loops, etc) for stage use. Whoever is controlling this on stage will also be running the click, insuring we are all together with the track.  The beauty in this is that we can also use them for recording, again adding more layers to our tracks.

    Second, we will be looking at how we do vocals.  The big thing I want to focus on with our next project is layers.  Layers, layers layers.  As long as they all work together, it will give the sound a very deep presence. For example on the song "Victor's Crown" on our last album, we had 27 tracks, not counting vocals, and a few more pads or synthesizers wouldn't have hurt, just to add depth.  So to help with depth, not only will we be adding more instrument and pad tracks, we may be adding even more background vocals.  Each Sunday, we incorporate our worship choir in our worship sets.  Not only does it give the choir a great opportunity to help lead, but it adds more sound to the music.  For our new project, we would like to mic the choir and get that in our recording to give the songs a hybrid sound between live and studio.  Regarding multi-tracks, this will also be beneficial when we write and arrange our own music.  Writing our own material is also something we will be attempting this year.  Not too much on that just yet.  :)

    The last thing I'll mention is allowing the recording/CD ministry to be an ongoing, year-round thing.  Right now, we are planning on our next album being completed, copied and in hand by around Thanksgiving.  With that being said, we are looking to start on scratch tracks by around May.  I say May just to be safe due to the learning curve on the new software and recording multiple instruments. If this is the case, there will be what I'll call an "off-season" between December and April.  During this time, I'd like to keep a small project or two going. We have a few other musical groups in our congregation like the Children's Choir and Ladies Ensemble that perform for our special music times that would be neat to record and make an album for.  This would only expand the ministry and give others a chance at that opportunity.  

    With all of these things said, it should be a pretty exciting year for recording.  These are only a few ideas and there will be more updates in the future.  I'll keep you posted!



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