Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Worship Concert Highlights

A couple of weeks ago when I last posted, I mentioned how excited I was about the worship concert that we had coming up on Sunday, January 25th.  Well, the concert has now come and gone, and it was AWESOME!  I believe that people really enjoyed it and that God was glorified.  We had a wonderful crowd for both services and there was a true spirit of freedom in the room to worship.  I would like to personally thank the praise team, praise band, worship choir, and technical team for all of their hard work, patience, and dedication.  Below is a video of highlights from the concert.  To watch the entire concert go to www.mpbc.ws/media and pick the music from 1/25/15. 

Also, if you are interested, here is a list of the songs we did at the concert and at what time in the full video (link above) they can be found:

0:00– In Jesus’ Name
5:01 – God’s Not Dead
9:13 – The Rock Won’t Move.
14:03 – The Greatness of our God
18:22 – Strong God
23:08 – This I Believe (Creed)
30:35 – God, You are my God
35:57 – Victor’s Crown
45:57 – Promises
47:07 – The Great I Am
52:23 – Jailbreak

Worship Big!


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